Connect syncthing directly to local server

Im using Tailscale to tunnel into my local network where Syncthing server is running on raspberry pi (Umbrel). However, syncthing is not working since it cant connect to syncthing servers (i dont have and dont want public internet access on this device)

Is it possible to configure syncthing to access the server directly, giving it Tailscale IP of the Umbrel server (which i can access in the browser)


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Syncthing documentation:

Syncthing forum:

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Thanks. I read the links but still havent succeeded. This one seems definitely relevant: Is it possible to use Syncthing with no internet access? And is it possible to have all changes go through a single server?

The phone (which has only Tailscale tunnel access, no access to internet) wont even load the Syncthing app without hitting the server.

I tried to out the Tailscale IP and connect the device from the Umbrel server but nothing happened, the device never connects.

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