Is it possible to use Syncthing with no internet access? And is it possible to have all changes go through a single server?

I have a home server, and a few computers.

I want to keep a folder from my server in sync with all the computers.

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to enable syncing between the computers and the server to all stay in the LAN with no dependency to the internet? So I think I would need to disable relay? Do I have to run my own discovery server? Can I not just provide the IP of my server for syncing?
  2. If I don’t want clients to sync between each other and, instead, have all syncing to go through the server, is that possible? So, for example, say clientA modifies a file, it should sync that to the server and then the server would sync those changes to the other clients.


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Connections will be local by default and only between devices you’ve configured to know about each other, so, yeah. You can absolutely set IP numbers for connections yourself if you want to, but you probably don’t need to. However if by local only you mean “no packet must ever leave my LAN” then you need to disable a bunch of stuff.


What stuff? That is exactly what I am after. I don’t want anything of Syncthing going out the WAN.

Disable global discovery, relay, automatic upgrades usage reporting and crash reporting… NAT traversal…

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Awesome. Thanks!

So I would need to disable all of these settings, right?

And, whenever I’m ready to add a device, I would do it by adding host:8384, right?

Anything else I am missing?

It would rather be host:22000, but unless you are using non-default ports, it is enough to simply write there just the IP address, e.g.


without any port.

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You can probably leave local discovery. As long as you can resolve hostnames I think that should work but if there are any issues local discovery could help.

Drop the port specification, that is the wrong port.

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