How to connect between Windows and Mac privately without internet?

Hi all, i am beginner to Syncthing. I have tried to share files between my mac and my pc and It succeeded using my wifi network.

However, i don’t want to use an internet or turn on my wifi network when sharing files between mac to PC. Is there any possible solution that can i use?

thank you.

How would it transfer data with no network connectivity?

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that is why i am asking. so it’s not possible, eh?

I think it’s a strange question.

By what means could they transfer data if they is no network (I am not talking about internet, general network) between them.


I am asking you because i don’t understand. Why so salty? lol. Is this what syncthing customer support did to his/her customer?

i am done using and will never recommend this lame app.

Sad to see replies like this from the maintainer side…

In short: not possible, because Syncthing uses internet connection to the info for share and find your computers.

But, why not make Syncthing to support only local private networks? F.ex. two PCs connected to each other with a network switch without the need of it to be connected to the Internet (WAN)?

Syncthing works perfectly fine on local-only, private networks. However,

Some network is required. This is what Audrius is saying. If the OP is proposing something unusual (wired link-local only IPv6) they could say so. As is, the question reads to me like “can Syncthing connect if I disable all my network interfaces” and the answer is quite obviously no (plus/minus the incredulity).

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Thank you. This is the answer that i want see.

This. Thank you so much. Now i know i can use local private network such as WAN.

This should have been the answer in the first place…

Thanks for correcting, I thought there were always need for the “3rd party” servers.

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