why does syncthing transmit my files over the internet?

today i added a new folder to be synced between my laptop and my desktop, and i noticed that my internet connection was very busy. i turned off the modem, and synchronisation stopped. that means that syncthing was transmitting the files to some server instead of using my local network which would be MUCH faster (1Gb instead of 1Mb). so why is syncthing doing this, and how can i stop it? i mean, if my devices need a server to find each other, thats no problem, but when they transmit almost 9GB worth of files over a 1Mb connection (1Mb up, 10Mb down) only to have the server send them right back to my LAN, that is a problem, for several reasons. so how do i configure syncthing to transmit the files over my LAN only but not via the internet? and if there was a way for my devices to find each other without using the internet, that would be good too.

If they can’t connect directly, they’ll connect via a relay.

I think both local discovery and firewall section in the docs have content that might answer your questions. If you still have questions, let us know.

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