Request from … for file … in unshared folder “…”

2018-04-09 14:45:58: Request from DEVICE for file <FILE> in unshared folder "<FOLDER-ID>" 

I get this warning when pausing a folder.
I think it would be better to:

  • Not create a warning here
  • Tell the other device that the folder is paused, so it won’t request again (at least for a while - maybe add a retry after an hour in case the other device missed the unpause signal - or simply sync the pause-state of all folders on connect).

I have 2.4 million shared files … if syncthing requests each of them (in the worst-case) again and again (or even just once), while the folder is paused, it’s a lot of wasted work.

Maybe related (but did not find it usefull): Request from ... for file ... in unshared folder "..."

I am also planning on pausing and resuming all folders using a script and some idle-system-triggers for my mom’s PC, so when she uses it, syncting will pause, and when the PC is idle it will resume.

I’m not sure yet if it is clever to pause & resume the folders or devices.
I am trying to avoid rescans all the time. It’s a lot of files she has and a slow computer on top. So pausing the devices would not trigger rescans, but it would also not pause currently running scans (which slow down the system), but these are just temporary, so mabye acceptable.

Greetings Fino;

Whats the question here?

This is a suggestion for improvement.

Or if a question is better:
Why would you do it the way it is right now?

Why produce these warnings?

Why even request the file if it’s paused?

Greetings Fino;

And second question:

What do you suggest to achieve this?

Is there something i can do? I know i can pause/unpause stuff using the API and curl.

But what is better? (Un)pausing the folder or the devices?

But from my point of view it would be much nicer if you could add an option to syncthing like: “Pause heavy activity (scanning) while PC is used and/or busy” (just keep monitoring for changes, but no scanning).

When it is built-in it could pause in the middle of a scan (1.000.000+ files, slow PC, slow HDD), rather than aborting it and starting all over again later. This would also reduce wear on the disks.

Greetings Fino;

Is this message printed more than once after pausing the folder. Syncthing disconnects all devices with that folder to send the new cluster config (which is only send on connect). I think there was a mention that between pausing the folder and reconneting, a request could come in and produce this message.

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Regarding warning:

I have seen two such messages with some delay (about 1-2 minutes) between them.

Here i just got it again:

2018-04-11 20:57:15: Request from DEVICE for file FILE in unshared folder "FOLDER" 

This folder has been paused for more than a day now. Syncthing was stopped for many hours and was just restarted 1h 24m ago.

The folder was not paused nor unpaused since then.

p.s. this looks like the same issue:

I think this happens in this device when it is currently uploading at the moment it is paused. It seems normal that the device receives requests, but maybe it should cosmetically drop this kind of notices as soon as it is paused.

I’m not even sure this is worth filling a bug.

It’s not, because it already happened :wink:

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