Some requests from peer in unshared folder


I get messages in the GUI (and logs) stating that a peer who is member of the shared folder requests some files in this ~unshared~ folder. This happens in the first minute I release the folder. After that sync goes its walk as usual.

Request from … for file … in unshared folder “…”
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What do you mean release?

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And what do you mean by unshared folder, in the context of the “peer who is member of the shared folder”? Either the folder is shared with a given device (peer) or it isn’t.


Sorry: resume


This is the text in the notice

2018-04-03 19:02:20: Request from SomePeer for file 2011/201108 Coups de pagaies sur Dordogne/20110804_134450-FV-p8040297.jpg in unshared folder “xxx5x-xxx2x”.

The peer is member in the folder share settings

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Odd. Screenshots? Is it paused, maybe?

(Audrius Butkevicius) #7

I think this is a race, essentially a folder gets paused as a request from a remote peer comes in. Paused folders are not shared with anyone.

This shouldn’t happen as the connection gets broken, but I suspect there is a window between folder tear down and actual disconnection where this can happen.

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Probably worth a bug report on github, can be easily fixed by checking if the folder is paused.

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