"Given name 'Xyz' differs from name 'xyz' in file system" error

Hi forum,

I get the above error on two folders of a one-way sync setup. It seems to related to the “case only rename” problem.

However, I have already completely changed (temporarily) the folder name on the source PC, but it still doesn’t replicate that folder to the target PC.

What else could I do?

Syncthing as of v1.9.0 should now deal with case sensitivity issues by itself (see the changes under Syncthing v1.9.0). This means that the old workaround should not be required any longer.

Which version of Syncthing are you running?

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What you need to do is decide on which casing you want, and then rename the file to that casing on the side where it is different.

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Thanks Tomasz,

I run Syncthing v1.9.0 (via Synctrayzor 1.1.24) at both ends.

But it is already the same casing on both ends.

Only that error message says otherwise:

That’s unexpected. Open the list of failed items in the web UI and hover over the error. It will provide the full error message including the context in which the error occurs - please copy that here.

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The web UI wants a username and password which unfortunately I don’t seem to have…

Sorry and thanks for pointing me to which username/password combo that would be.

The web UI should just be displayed when you open synctrayzor, doesn’t it? Otherwise stop Syncthing, and edit your configuration file to remove “user” and “password” entries.

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Sorry for the confusion, just found my username/password combo.

I thought the Web UI is different, but actually it’s the same as in Synctrayzor.

Now I shall check the “list of failed items”

There its says:

[parent folder]\12345 Abc Def - overview

given name

“[parent folder]\12345 Abc Def - overview” differs from name in filesystem

“[parent folder]\12345 Abc Def - Overview”

syncing: delete dir:

given name

“[parent folder]\12345 Abc Def - overview” differs from name in filesystem

“[parent folder]\12345 Abc Def - Overview”

That’s a bug, where it doesn’t realise that this error means the file is already deleted on disk. I think it shouldn’t prevent syncing though, so you can just ignore it until it’s fixed. If you could file an issue in GitHub with the log, that would be great.

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I noticed the same error, on mine it was simply the SO file was all lowercase, the RO somehow had an mixed case, eg, ‘Hello’. I manually deleted the RO version, St resynced and is now happy.

I wonder on SO/RO setups if there could be a way that St 100% mirrors the send only side to the receive only and automatically deletes any incorrect case version. I know you are trying to protect files, however I simply want a local copy of what ever is at the sending end. If the SO end renames a file, that change needs to come to the RO and where there is a case conflict, the SO version wins.

So maybe an option is needed that ‘SO wins on any case conflict’

I also have this error but I can’t delete the file or open it or anything on windows 10.

The deletion thing says “Invalid MS-DOS function”…

This is the error I’m getting in the log:

2020/09/12 10:57:34.467421 folder_sendrecv.go:211: INFO: Puller (folder "Notes" (asdfg-asdfg), item "nul.md"): syncing: delete file: given name "nul.md" differs from name in filesystem "nul"

v1.10.0-rc.2 has the fix for this, I suggest you upgrade to that if you don’t want to ignore it until the final release


Just a side note, but the “Invalid MS-DOS function” comes from the fact that nul is an invalid file name in Windows, regardless of the file extension. It can be deleted from command line with del \\?\C:\nul.md.

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I’d like to update, because that error message comes up repeatedly.

May I ask how I perform the manual update? I’ve downloaded the “syncthing-windows-amd64-v1.10.0-rc.2.zip” package and hope it’s the right one for Windows 10.

You do not need to manually upgrade, you can set Automatic Upgrades (in the GUI, Settings -> General) to Stable releases and release candidates to get the current RC automatically.


Thank you, that worked. Also, that error message seems to be gone.

I will report how it goes

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Oh no…!

I tried and changed the case of one letter in a folder name, and it replicated the changes without a problem from the source PC to the target PC. So far so good.

However, when doing the same on a file name (change case of “view” to “View”), I still get that error:

"[somepath]\[somename] left View.pdf", given name 
"[somepath]\[somename] left View.pdf" differs from name in filesystem 
"[somepath]\[somename] left view.pdf"

In the target PC, I get the following two files:

           [somename] left view.pdf
~syncthing~[somename] left View.pdf.tmp

Thanks for any further ideas!

https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/6973 I think.

You can probably work around it by deleting the tmp file, or upgrade to 1.10-rc.

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