"Given name 'Xyz' differs from name 'xyz' in file system" error

I deleted the temp file

(which has the correct uppercase btw.) but it comes back, as does the error message “given name differs from name in filesystem”.

I am on v1.10.0-rc.3

What’s the full error message (as in the log or when you hover over the error message in the web UI)?

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Ah, so the existing file is wrong and the temp file is right. That’s the bug fixed in 1.10 I think, but then removing the temp file will indeed not help.

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It’s the one from above:

I remember having access errors to some of the affected files (could only rename or delete them after confirming additional Admin rights), but that is not the case with the affected file here named [somepath]\[somename] left View.pdf

Is that from the web UI? It doesn’t look like something we’d log. If it is from the web UI, is there nothing more displayed when you hover the error (like handling file:)? If there indeed is nothing more, please enable model debug logging and post lines mentioning the file in question.

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That error is in the log file, as well as in the Web UI.

Sorry don’t know how to do that. Is it this? If it is, I can’t find any config.xml file that contains STTRACE.

Then please copy the entire line from the log (including e.g. the timestamp).

Yes it’s that. You can also in the web UI go to Actions -> Logs -> Debugging Facilities. Tick the model checkbox. Then pause and restart the folder in question to trigger a pull.

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OK thanks.

This is what I get now in the logfile:

[OU*V6] 18:11:05 INFO: Puller (folder "[somepath]" (abcdef-ghjkl), item 
"[somename] left View.pdf"): syncing: given name 
"[somename] left View.pdf" differs from name in filesystem "[somepath]\
 [somename] left view.pdf"

[OU*V6] 18:11:05 INFO: "[somepath]" (abcdef-ghjkl): Failed to sync 1 items
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Thanks! This is indeed an error without context (not ideal). So I’ll need those model logs to understand what’s going on:

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