Syncthing v1.9.0


This release adds the advanced folder option caseSensitiveFS ( to disable the new safe handling of case insensitive filesystems.


  • #1787: Case-only renames break stuff
  • #5708: Properly handle upper-/lowercase-only file name collisions
  • #6613: TestWatchRename test fails on FreeBSD.
  • #6793: Error status should take precedence over Local Additions
  • #6850: Global state incorrect when ignoring local change
  • #6864: Folder incorrectly marked “Up to Date” after switching from “Receive Only” to “Send & Receive”
  • #6867: Certificate error when built with Go 1.15
  • #6886: chmod permission after editing .stignore via WebUI not preserved
  • #6889: test failures with Go 1.15
  • #6892: Syncthing 1.8.0 trying to connect via wrong network route
  • #6898: tests in TestCopyRange fail on ppc64le with “inappropriate ioctl for device”
  • #6908: NAT service fails to terminate during Shutdown
  • #6910: Local Additions when deleting file after changing folder type from SR to RO
  • #6922: Auto accepted folders not saved
  • #6938: Modifying config during first scan corrupts folder state


  • #2739: Syncthing should be case insensitive by default
  • #5579: Avoid anti-aliasing artifacts for svg device icons
  • #6873: Don’t fail dirs in receive-only folders that were removed elsewhere but exist locally

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Just to say thank you for the case sensitivity improvements here.

I know what a long headache it has been to bring this to fruition, but it’s going to save me a lot of time and grief - so I’m really grateful to see it in place now!


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