Upgrade/Update from v1.1.4 to v1.2.0 (no new major or stable release) ?

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two questions:

1 )

I was wondering, why no updates to the v1.1.4 are coming the last few weeks, so I searched and found the threads above, and this: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/releases:

But I’m not sure if those are valid reasons, why no updates are shown (in the webgui) and started.

I have set Automatic upgrades to stable only so that might be the reason why its not updating? because there is no stable version after v1.1.4 ?

2 )

Would it be useful/feasable for the users to have available updates (and clickable links to the download pages) shown anywhere in the settings?

something like:

an update to version x.y.z is available, if you like to manually update, please visit the dowload page here…

Because of the different platforms (or “package” systems like debian?) it might be difficult to give the user a correct download link, I guess. I don’t know, but it would be very convenient for the users if they need/want to update/upgrade manually, to have a suitable link to click.

New releases are made the first Tuesday of every month. None is yet due since 1.1.4.

We could link to the GitHub releases page. But when auto upgrades are disabled that is because the user has taken it upon themselves to do upgrades, don’t want upgrades, or have installed via a package manager that manages upgrades. I’m not sure of the utility of pointing to our release page for them.


Thanks! I had a two week interval in mind or something similar.

Pointing to the releasepage only would not be of a great help, I guess, but pointing to the correct binary would.

So major upgrades are done automaticly now? In the two years old thread, I understand, you wrote that the users need to do it themselfes manually.

This is a minor update, the meaning of versions is major.minor.patch. That was different with 0.x.y, as the leading digit didn’t change, so x was major. The current meaning is roughly major: breaking, minor: backward compatible changes in api/config/… and minor: any bugfix/improvement not matching the other two categories.


Btw, this maybe could be fixed on the forum pages.

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