Unraid Permission Denied - I tried almost everything - HELP!

Hello, I’s been 72 hours, with online research but I still cannot get syncthing to have permission to write. I set all UID and GID as the current user, and all folders/paths have drwxrwxrwx. Also used the “New Permission” tool and “Docker Safe New Perms” tool. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Please take a look.

It’s a Docker configuration issue rather than specifically an unRAID issue and/or a Syncthing issue. Search this forum for “Docker volumes” for detailed info and tips.

In addition, see the following section of the Docker documentation: https://docs.docker.com/engine/tutorials/dockervolumes/

Thanks for the reply! I’ll check if this will help and report back. Thanks again!

I tried everything possible with volumes. Still no luck. Is there anything else that would help me? Thanks!

It sounds like you might be trying to tackle too much all at once (Unraid + Docker + Syncthing are a lot of moving parts).

There are so many different ways to set things up so I recommend checking out the following guides in Unraid’s wiki:

There are multiple Syncthing container images available. You didn’t mention which one you’ve using, but the official one and the one from LinuxServer.io are both excellent choices.

A few previous posts on this forum that might also be of help:

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