How to use Syncthing to stores files outside of a docker?

Hi All. Its not a bad as it sounds

I have it working on Unraid in a docker, well that sounds like i know what i am doing, NOT.

I can sync my andriod phone and it all works. BUT i think all the files that go from the phone onto the NAS are stored within the docker?

I have tried to change the DIR where the files are stored in the NAS into a folder that i can access via windows.

But i can a file error

2023-02-14 13:13:51: Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /mnt/user: permission denied

2023-02-14 13:13:51: Error on folder “DCIM_internal” (chcgu-py6x7): folder path missing

I have made the folder public on the NAS but still cant do it.

Any help most welcome.

I’m not sure how Unraid works, so how you manage to fetch your files there - no idea, but as of Docker there’s the volume / -v parameter/setting that is of importance for this part.

If you check the default docker command (readme on GitHub):

docker run -p 8384:8384 -p 22000:22000/tcp -p 22000:22000/udp -p 21027:21027/udp
-v /wherever/st-sync:/var/syncthing

Here the -v /wherever/st-sync:/var/syncthing \ is where you basically connect a folder outside the Docker container to a folder inside the Docker container.

/wherever/st-sync would be some folder on your NAS and /var/syncthing the folder inside your Docker container that Syncthing uses.

So what happens is when you add a new folder in your GUI, for example /var/syncthing/test_folder it will be linked to /wherever/st-sync/test_folder. But if you add it as /var/test_folder it won’t be reachable outside the container. You really have to keep track of those volumes you set when starting a Docker container.

And what you seem to try to do now is change the latter (/var/syncthing) to something else (/mnt/user), first of all, that point doesn’t seem to be writable, secondly…it is probably not a linked volume.

So in short; double-check the volumes you have set (or did not set, then you’ll have to fix that part).

hi thanks

all sorted now. i knew it was user error

i found this post and read through it.

happy days, all backing up now

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Sync is not the same as a backup. Always do proper backups of your unraid data. Stay safe

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