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ola canton7!

I like to request for custom file manager support, you set the file manager that you like, and when you browse for the folder, you open it on the chosen file manager.


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So you’re using Windows, but you’re not using Explorer as your file manager? I suspect you’re probably the only one…


I’m sure I’m not the only one using a custom file manager :grin:

There are other file manager for windows available. File Managers for Windows

Lets see if other people also support this.

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Mind testing one of the intermediate builds here, see if it works for you?


sorry, its not working or I don’t know how to make it work.

I found the hidden settings in Synctrayzor.exe.config

I used two portable apps XYplorer and Q-Dir

I replaced the explorer.exe to


<OpenFolderCommand>"C:\XY\Xyplorer.exe" "{0}"</OpenFolderCommand>
<ShowFileInFolderCommand>"C:\XY\Xyplorer.exe" /select, "{0}"</ShowFileInFolderCommand> 


<OpenFolderCommand>"C:\QD\Q-Dir.exe" "{0}"</OpenFolderCommand>
<ShowFileInFolderCommand>"C:\QD\Q-Dir.exe" /select, "{0}"</ShowFileInFolderCommand> 

When i use clicked on the Folders - Open Folder, explorer.exe is still shown.

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As the issue says, you should edit config.xml, not SyncTrayzor.exe.config. Those are two completely different files.

You’ll find config.xml in C:\Users\<You>\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor\config.xml for the installed version, or data\config.xml for the portable version. (Those paths are both listed in he README if you search through it, but I admit it could be more explicit).

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Also it’s highly unlikely that Xyplorer and Q-Dir will use the same weird syntax as Explorer for showing a file in a directory (that /select, stuff), so you’ll have to figure out the correct command-line flag(s) to use.


Thank you canton7! I was able to make it work!:slight_smile:


In synctrayzor I got some red warning errors “Error: rename \?\Path of the File : The Process cannot access the file because its being used by a process” and after that I think syncthing fixed it.

In windows 10 notifier, its show in the parenthesis (error count)

Would it be possible to show fixed error count?


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What exactly do you mean, the fixed error count? I display the events which Syncthing gives me. Syncthing tried to download that file, and failed for the reason given. If it later succeeded, you’ll see a layer message that the file was downloaded successfully.


I’m referring to the Windows 10 notifier, the black box that pop-up when synctrayzor is done, sorry, I don’t remember the exact terms, but it shows

Process: 10000 Files (50 Errors)
Deleted: 500 Files

can we do something like this?

Process: 10000 Files (50 Errors)
Resolved Errors: 50 Files
Deleted: 500 Files


Process: 10000 Files (50 Resolved Errors, 5 Remaining Errors)
Deleted: 500 Files

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IMO that’s a bit misleading. “recovered” files in your example are files which have successfully downloaded, but were previously failing, so they were already included in the “downloaded” count. Saying “1 downloaded, 1 recovered” suggests that 2 doles were downloaded, when in fact it was only 1.

Anyway, it’s probably possible but it would require more bookkeeping, and there would probably be weird cases which need to be worked out. You’re welcome to open an issue or, better yet, submit a PR.


Thanks canton7, I will check the correct terms first before filing an issue.


How to manually update Portable Synctrayzor’s syncthing version?

I have a computer with no internet connection and i like to update the syncthing version to the latest.

Is replacing the c:\SyncTrayzorPortable\data\syncthing.exe the only thing i need to change?


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It’s in the README


Hi canton7!

Thank you for the link, I read it before but want to be sure because I didn’t follow it and was able to update.


SyncTrayzor keeps a single version of syncthing.exe, next to SyncTrayzor.exe.

If you want to manually upgrade (e.g. to a beta version) you should download Syncthing from the releases page, and replace this syncthing.exe.

Here’s is what I did:

  1. I have 2 portable synctrayzors, 1 is updated 0.14.24, and 1 has old version 0.14.23
  2. I compared them both folder using WinMerge
  3. What was different between the two is the syncthing.exe file inside the SyncTrayzorPortable\data folder and not the syncthing.exe in SyncTrayzorPortable, which the SyncTrayzor.exe is located.
  4. I copied the syncthing.exe into the SyncTrayzorPortable\data and it gets updated.

Is this wrong?

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Ah, I misread what you wanted to do.

If you want to update Syncthing, yes, replace syncthing.exe in data.

That paragraph on the portable version is out of date, actually. I’ll update it in the next release.


Thank you canton7 for the help! :kissing_heart:

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Hi! I was wondering if SyncThing for Windows still uses “polling folders” to scan for changes or if this has been changed by “watching folders” like SyncTrayzor does?

To state it differently: does SyncTrayzor still watch folders for SyncThing, or is this now done by SyncThing itself?

(Audrius Butkevicius) #221

Not yet.