SyncTrayzor: Windows host for Syncthing. Installer, auto-start, built-in browser, tray icon, folder watcher, and more

(Antony Male) #182


To be honest, SyncTrayzor probably isn’t a good fit for you here. The stuff that puts it above the other tray utilities are:

  • Embedded web browser
  • Various notifications: synchronization finished, device connected/disconnected
  • File transfer progress stuff
  • Built-in inotify

None of that stuff is useful on a server, and will only use resources unnecessarily. The embedded web browser in particular will gobble 40-odd megs (although I only load it the first that time SyncTrayzor is restored from the tray), while the notifications stuff will increase Syncthing’s resource usage slightly (since I’m occasionally asking it for stuff), and the inotify is useless :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It might be fun to make separate Syncthing server service manager (which forces people to do things like not run it as an admin) but that’s another project for another day.

QSyncthingTray popped up recently: I don’t think that does any of the fancy stuff that SyncTrayzor does, and so may be a better fit for you.


Hi! Thank you for Synctrayzor! That’s cool! Please explain why Synctrayzor 1.0.27 need a connection to

(Audrius Butkevicius) #184

I bet you your resolve, it will point to, which is the loopback address. So the problem is with your /etc/hosts

(Antony Male) #185

Yeah that’s port 8384 which is the port the Syncthing listens on. So it’s connecting to localhost:8384, and your computer’s resolving that to

I seem to remember that putting an entry in your hosts file pointing that domain to is a good way of removing adverts from some program, maybe Skype?

Either way, SyncTrayzor will connect to syncthing, to my upgrade server to check for updates, and to github to download updates. Nowhere else.


I’m sorry to trouble you. This is a problem with my /etc/hosts or firewall.

(Antony Male) #187

No worries. It’s not a “problem” per se, just some setup which is presenting some slightly confusing information. Just accept the firewall warning and all will be well :smile:


Since the newest version I got this error. Even after a restart it remains.

(Antony Male) #189

Please open an issue on github. I’ll need to see your log from around the time that you were resolving conflicts, too.


Do you need the log from syncthing or is there a log from synctrayzor?

(Antony Male) #191

The log from SyncTrayzor. If you open up File -> Settings -> Logging, there’s a button to open it.

(Steven Laycock) #192

SyncTrayzor request:

In the GUI window, is there any chance of getting tabbed views of all the Syncthing instances running on a network?

(Antony Male) #193

That’s not planned. SyncTrayzor runs and manages one Syncthing instance for the local machine, and all of the functionality it provides is related to managing that single Syncthing instance.

Having multiple tabs for multiple Syncthing instances on different machines is no different to opening a browser window and opening multiple Syncthing instances on multiple tabs, so I don’t see the benefit of trying to replicate what any other web browser does, especially given that I’ll undoubtedly do it worse.

(Zilexa) #194

Is SyncTrayzor still being updated? It seems the forum is filled with similar initiatives but I have always used SyncTrayzor in the past. I haven’t used SyncThing for I while and want to set it up again. I believe SyncTrayzor is still the best one to use, especially to watch folders etc.

(Antony Male) #195

The last release was in November (see the releases page). Development’s been slower than usual lately as I’ve been focussing on other projects, but I’m hoping to pick it back up soon.

(J King) #196

Anything we’d be interested in? :wink:

(Antony Male) #197

New features that you might be interested in? Take a look at the issue tracker.

(Audrius Butkevicius) #198

Repo with 27 open tickets

(Antony Male) #199

We’ve both closed more or less 90% of our issues.

(Audrius Butkevicius) #200

Yet you’re at 27, syncthing is at 200+ :frowning:

(Jakob Borg) #201

We only have 32 33 issues labeled bug (discounting undecided ones). Any project can accumulate arbitrarily many enhancement tickets, and we’re quite liberal in accepting them as “probably not going to happen, but if someone wants to contribute it some time it would probably be ok”.