Syncthing/Syncthing-Fork on Google Play

I’ve tried multiple times but Google was not able to read correctly. They stated things not being there while clearly on my video and app see-able. At last, I’ve crippled the gplay fork version and removed the location permission completely from the app manifest and they still reject pointing to “location permission declaration”. I’m so fed up , sorry, could not hold my emotions shouting at them and telling via appeal form they should close my account to release the pain.

If you’re just interested in the fork, the github and fdroid releases are still there… some user requested me to also upload the app to xda labs and I did it.

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Isn’t it basically the same version as saved on Github or not?

If I download this and install it manually, it would be like an update via Google Play for me. Or I am wrong there?

Whats about that version, what is the difference to the above?

Maybe it would be the same with the official Syncthing APP, wouldn’t it? However, I can’t find an APK for that anywhere.

If you choose the manual route, is the question if maybe special settings are needed in the smartphone, since it is actually “unknown” software from Google’s point of view.

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Yes, unknown sources has always been required to sideload APKs gathered outside of gplay on Android. The GitHub and gplay APK differ little: GitHub is compiled as debug and gplay is properly signed as release. The code used to compile them is the same since v1.11+. (formerly the crippled gplay edition was tagged gplay and uploaded to Github and here code google did not want was missing annoying users.)

Yes, you can use the gplay apk from github to update outside of play like it would have been if play had approved the release and you updated from there.

You can find official app APK builds on Teamcity CI.

With Teamcity i have no relations. The Download from Github is very slow ~30 kb/s, is that normal?

At the moment it is not possible to download the APK, it keeps breaking off.

Normally GitHub is faster, e.g. you also get Syncthing from it when you upgrade :-).

I keep finding that it depends on the time of day. The download is currently over. I install it without problem. Is the


but is taged as Syncthing v1.12.0-rc.3

This way workes also, so Google is not needed if any problems happen. Same would be good for the official version.

From which place I can download the APK of that?

just fyi: I’ll release a stable 1.12 soon but currently I’ve got little time.

Regarding Syncthing for Android (not Fork) I use in the moment v1.10.0 and because I updated all Synologys and Windows clients etc. to v1.12.1-rc.1, again I ask for a APK to install.

Maybe is possible to have the packages also on Github for Download, thats enough for my side to download and install in the same way as the Fork APK.

Also from Syncthing-Fork it would be better to have the v1.12.1-rc.1 if possible.

Why bother and just not rely solely on F-Droid? :slight_smile:

Why? Same status there, v1.12.0

I would say that the more sources, the better. Relying on a single, 3rd party channel is never a good thing. F-Droid itself may not be here forever either.

Plus, F-Droid releases are always delayed as they need time to compile from source, which makes it less useful for testing new releases early.

@Andy My time is very limited at the moment here, because I’ve got a newborn - 5 days old now :-). Could you please drop me a one liner “reason” why you urgently need the 1.12.1-rcX ? I would then just push the button and release one as “prerelease” without compatibility checks and commits (I usually first check what upstream changed between releases and make the little adjustment commit if necessary, e.g. for config changes).


There is currently no functional problem. I have switched all Synology NAS, all Windows computers and official Android smartphones version to v1.12.1-rc.1. This version has a special feature.

As far as I can see, this version contains a bug fix regarding stagnation in the synchronization. Some examples:


At the moment all installations have been converted to this version and everything is running perfectly together, as I known from v1.10.0. To have also a relation to the test

it was my concern to keep the same version installed on all devices, it means also the Fork version.

Nevertheless, I emphasize again that the current Syncthing-Fork version also works so far without any problems worth mentioning, so I´m also happy to wait until you have the above version up and running.

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@Andy Here’s your build ( - If in doubt, select “gplay_full.apk” for download. )

Thank you, I will test the full package. What is the difference between light and full?

On your newborn - congratulations! There are sure to be sleepless nights. Is it your first?

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Yes, he is the first :-). But he sleeps very well, lets hope that stays most of the nights.

“Light” is a stripped down version that conforms with gplay restrictions. It works, but there are no all files access and location permissions, so these features won’t work. “Full” is the proper version where everything works and all permissions are asked, it is properly signed with a release key.

Same here, it runs smoothly, thanks… :sunglasses:

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Only as a short report: in the past sometimes I had the stuck problem also with Syncthing-Fork v1.12.0 which was able to fix with a restart.

With the current v1.12.1-rc.1 this has not happened for days. In general, all servers and clients with v1.12.1-rc.1 are running very well and without problems. Very good result!


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