Call for testing of syncthing-android 1.12.1-rc.1

A new beta release of Syncthing-android has finally been accepted to Google Play: 1.12.1-rc.1

If you can, please test this release while it is in beta, in case there’s any unanticipated issues with the sdk bump (or anything else of course) - thanks!


It would be good to have a APK in parallel on Github.

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Yeah, would be a good idea to setup release signing on CI and upload to github. For now you can get the release directly from CI:

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It runs, thanks… :raising_hand_man:

My last post was intended as a hint that a direct download of the APK would help, since Google still has the following status:


I helped myself and downloaded the current version.

That’s simply not a prio for me. F-Droid works, if you are comfortable with downloading and installing apks from github, you should also be able to install the app from there.
I do care about google play solely because a lot of users (sadly) can/want to install only from there. I can’t currently promote 1.12.1 to production, for unknown reasons. I did contact google’s support, and I am waiting for a response.

Syncthing for Android cannot be downloaded directly from Github, this is currently only possible directly from your CI. I also have F-Droid, the latest Android version there is v1.11.1.

I could help myself, now I have v1.12.1, everything is good so far.

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Looks like it finally made it out to the public :tada:

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