Some poblems with syncthing, part II

This is a continuation of this thread:

It was auto-closed some time ago due to me being too slow to reply cause I was very busy :frowning:

I have meanwhile made some more screenshots that document the weird behavior described in mentioned link. I start with this scenario:

This is a Windows machine set to “send only” synced to a Linux machine set to “receive only”. If I compare a file mentioned claimed to be “locally changed” I get this result:
That doesn’t really confuse anybody, does it? Basically that’s what sync is for and if that didn’t work it would be a major reason for distrust!
And here’s the rights of the file, left the Windows machine, right the Linux machine:

It doesn’t matter though, the connection meanwhile is set to “ignore rights”.

Then I did like @imsodin said, I enabled the db and model logging and clicked on “reset local changes”

But unfortunately the log display stays empty:

or where is this log meant to be? SyncTrazor is running on the Windows machine, thus I expect the log to be on the Windows machine as well, or precisely what logfile do you mean? I am specifically asking because I got that wrong already before and uploaded the wrong logfile

And since the latest update of SyncTrayzor (at least I’m guessing it’s since then) I have an additional quirk:

I’m confused again. Not only that I did not change the configuration, it’s also that the first machine it’s coming up with this message is a Windows machine. The help only talks of the problem solving on Linux machines, so what do I on a Windows machine? Also I’m confused about the fact that the machines involved seem to change every few minutes.

The screenshot you show is of receive-only folders, so I assume it’s the linux side instead.

If that’s what you want, set both sides to send-receive. Using either send- or receive-only will lead to files differing and not syncing if changed on the “wrong” side.

That error should never occur on a windows machine. Are you sure it is?

Meaning the folders on both sides are set to ignore permissions?

The problem is that it shows files as “locally added”, while your check finds them identical - right? Quite a bit of the info here is unrelated (e.g. Dateisystembeobachter error).

That and other things confuse me too. Last time it was about you hitting the red revert button, and nothing happened. You don’t mention that anymore now? Please explain what you are doing and what is not working as expected again, and post screenshots of the full web UI from both sides.