Out of Sync, missing 1 file. But it's on the ignore list so should be 100% Synced

Yeah, those are all from Synctrazor on the PC. The android device doesn’t report anything amiss.

Did you check the web ui on android? Also, logs via the web ui on android?

The WebGUI on the Android says “Up to Date” It’s an ereader, and not as easy to take a screengrab of.

Suggest you remove the folder and add it back on android, see if that fixes it.

Ugh. It’s a big share. ~30gigs. All for a single 20mb file that doesn’t need to be synced anyway. Any less drastic ideas first?

You can try starting the desktop side with -reset-deltas command line switch.

Removal of the folder does not mean resending the data. Just rehashing it and resending the index.

@MrDowntempo, What @AudriusButkevicius meant is NOT that you remove the folder in a file explorer. Just to remove and add the folder in Syncthing on Android.

I removed the folder and re-added it. It took a very long time to scan. (The android is just an ereader and not very fast) Now it says out of sync on the Android instead of Up to Date :confused: On the PC it shows 2 out of sync files now. The same 19.8mb zip file and a 0 byte .stfolder.removed-20220314-224422

Sounds like the folder type is send only/receive only and there are modified files?

Is there an override changes button on either side?

No override button. And I switched both devices to send/receive to hopefully clear it up before setting it back. But synctrazor is still convinced that the Android is trying to sync (stuck at 99% with that 1 file). I am unsure how to tell synctrazor to restart Syncthing with a command line option, so I’ve not attempted using -reset-deltas yet

Removing the folder and readding the folder is equivalent.

I guess touching the file should fix it, but I’m not sure why readding the folder did not.

Just for the record, a file can be “touched” in Windows by doing copy file.txt + from the command line.

What happens if you temporarily remove the file from the folder, and then re-add it?

I tried removing the file from the windows machine, but that had no effect. Still hung up at 99% on the Desktop PC. I noticed,however, that even after removing it, and adding it back later, the file mod time listed isn’t updated. It’s the same time/date listed in the screenshot. Maybe I should remove/re-add the folder on the Windows machine instead of the android and see if THAT clears it up?

Turns out no. At the end of that experiment, I get a red override button, but it didn’t resolve the issue and I’m back where I started. :confused:

Your explanation doesn’t have enough context to infer, but Syncthing can’t adjust mtime on android, so this might be expected.

I also figured out where to put -reset-deltas, but that didn’t resolve it either. And (as I understand it) the mtime isn’t from Android, as that file hasn’t been transfered to the Android, since it is on the ignored list. And in the screenshot next to the mtime it says CoreyPC which is the hostname of the PC. Touching/removing/etc that file has no effect though.

Found a couple very similar unresolved issues in the forums:

Was there ever a third device?

Yes, there is another android device, but it has had no issues on either end. It shares the same ignore filters, and was also set to receive only

Added here since I can’t make another reply as a new user:

Actually… I think I got it cleared up! I commented out .zip from my PC’s ignore list, but left it in the ignore list of both the android devices. And then on the next rescan it cleared up and everything now reads Up to date!

whew That was a bit stressful for such a merely cosmetic issue. Sorry I didn’t bring up the 3rd device before, as I didn’t expect it was related to the issue since it wasn’t having any issues on its own. I appreciate all the help you guys gave me, and I do know more about Syncthing now than I did before, so that’s a plus!

Now that we know that there are more devices involved, I’d guess it is probably https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/7474. There is no fix other than connecting all devices with one another. The issue is only cosmetic though, as everything is still synced properly regardless.

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