How to clear out of sync items that are in ignore list?

Hi there, I am rather new and might have a weird setup, but anyway. I am syncing across several Linux/Windows dual boot systems plus an offline Windows system that gets a folder synced via a Linux that runs in vbox on top of it. One folder in addition gets synced with a cloud folder. Some folders only get synced between 2 systems, other get synced between 3 or 4. All ok so far, over 50000 files and 260GB in sync. Except 2. A Desktop.ini file and Thumbs.db. Both are in the ignore list. Well, they might not have been in there during setup, but got added pretty short afterwards. Now these 2 files show up as out of sync. I tried deleting the files but can’t even find them anymore. I tried taking the folder on one machine out of the config and added it again. No luck. Anything I can do to get that solved? Thanks.

Maybe your .stignore-files don’t have the same content (one machine ignores a file the other not). This may klead to the out-of-sync message. One machine wants to push the files, the other one just ignores it. Try homogenizing your .stignore-files (those are not synced through syncthing)

Thank you. However my .stignore files content is pretty simply and same across the board. But you gave me a valuable hint. "One machine wants to push the files, the other one just ignores it." During setup I might have set up 2 systems and then added third and enabled it before editing the ignore list. I have now deleted the ignore list on one system and let it write the 2 files. Then I have deleted the files. Then I have added the ignore list again. Seems all ok now. I’ll try next using the include function and a separate ignore file to keep all in sync.

Ok that is the problem. If I add a new pattern to ignore some files, and then put in the pattern on the other system I end up in the out of sync state. Because one system wanted to push and the other won’t accept. How to do that right?

If I understand your problem correctly (devices showing as “out of sync” due to ignored files, which you think they shouldn’t), that gets sorted out the next time the devices connect.

Thanks a lot. I did shutdown and restart syncthing on one system and it did not clear out things. I’ll monitor the issue as I play more with that cool tool. BTW, syncthing is what I always have been waiting for. Many thanks for that.

EDIT: Ok, with my setup of 3-4 systems syncing I wasn’t sure which system pushed the files. I did another test, provoked an out of sync condition and the restarted syncthing on the system that pushed the file and it cleared out. Thanks again.