"Out of Sync Items" problem


I have several folders syncing on more linux servers. But one of the folder has problem. On one of the Remote device item i see that its status is stuck on “Syncing (96%, 130 GiB)” status, and a blue progress bar below. The status is not changing since days. When i click on that, the server details opens, and there i see that the line “Out of Sync Items” has the value “723 items, ~ 130GiB”. I click on that, a popup opens, where its listing which files has problems (Out of Sync Items). This list is listing ALL the files which are in that folder which i want to sync, not only a few files, ALL! But when i check both servers, i see that the files are present on both servers, so the sync was successfull. Why i get this error? What should i do? I have more folders sysnced separatelly, all of them are ok, only this one has this problem.

Hello @mcll, welcome to Syncthing!

Please read and see if using -reset-deltas fixes your error

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Thanks, but Syncthing is running (on all servers) on an Ubuntu Linux server, and AFAIK the -reset-deltas is for Windows only. Or if not, than please advise me how to run it on linux command line. Thanks.

./syncthing --reset-deltas &

Works as expected on CentOS and FreeBSD


Yes you’re right! Started now as you mentioned, and the problem is gone!!! Many thanks! :slight_smile:


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