iOS Implementation

I would love to see an open source iOS Syncthing client in the future and I think many others would too. With new iOS features like Document Providers and Background App Refresh iOS devices have the capabilities they need to be a full-fledged Synching node.

I guess my question is, how much interest is out there? Are there any projects already in the works to accomplish this? I am an iOS developer and would love to be a part of making this but I don’t have the time to do it by myself.


Go 1.5 might include iOS support, which would probably make a port easier:

As a followup: it appears that @vhbit is working on an iOS client. Here is his post about it.

Together with some great people I’ve been working on a Syncthing library for iOS and OSX. It is far from ready, but if you’re interested the source can be found here:

What news on an iOS port?

I’ve been actively watching the threads about that here and I recall someone posted that he/she was close to getting it running, but was still too shy to make it opensource just yet. I wish that would happen, cause I’d like to contribute… the @vhbit solution looked nice, but not specifying your own tracker server was an instant show-stopper for me.

Hi, I am new to Syncthing and am looking for a solution to sync that includes iOS. Is there any more work going on here?

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Here are two threads which may shed some light on your question:
iOS client: dare to beta test?
iOS Port of Syncthing

One day, hopefully. :pray:

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