iOS automatic sync on LAN


I am sorry if the topic might have already been discussed somewhere else. If that’s the case please point to me the right thread.

I want to have a back-up copy of video and photo from iPhone to a Synology NAS. As soon as arriving at home the app should sync to the NAS and start uploading files.

Is this featured supported by synchthing?

Thanks Kind regards Massimo

iOS is not supported at all.

Ok thanks then it’s clear.

Kind regards Massimo

We should really find an enthusiastic iOS developer to port the Android app. Syncthing is important enough that it needs to work on Apple devices to help it gain popularity, unless there is some fundamental incompatibility with the iOS platform.

Porting an App from Android to iOS is pain - i would prefer to start from scratch on iOS Plattform. If it should only be an Remote Control, may i have time after my current Project :wink:


It’s not as easy, as the Android version pretty much invokes a binary version of syncthing which is compiled for linxu-arm and then just pulls the strings via REST API. I guess you can port something that pulls the strings to iOS quite easily, but you would still need to compile the binary for ios-arm which is not officially supported, and make sure that all the system calls which we need are working properly, and then somehow sign it, and shove it to the app store jumping all the hoops apple is imposing.

But there is hope, as somebody is hacking around:


I have started a thread on this as well. If someone is going to do it you may want to wait to see if Go 1.5 adds real support for iOS.

It’s me :slight_smile: There is no way to use the same approach (go-created binary + REST API) so I’ve actually written it from scratch with mobile in mind.

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I’m actually working on iOS client (here is a beta testing announce). This particular feature isn’t yet implemented, but is in the todo list.

It look like the Pulse project is doing a swift port. Guess it is for the iOS platform. I do not know how far they have come.

I tested vhbits iOS port and all the major components where there and working. Really impressive.

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Well, technically speaking, port is an incorrect term here (at least in my case, I haven’t checked Pulse’s repo) - it assumes you’re reusing existing - while this is a completely new client for BEP (syncthing protocol) and hope it is fully compatible with syncthing.

BTW, with new clients appearing, it might be a time to build kind of compatibility test suite.

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Any more word on an iOS port?