error while traversing /home/USER/.gvfs: permission denied

Hi have the same issue like:

My ignore list:




But I-m getting the message:

error while traversing /home/USER/.gvfs: permission denied

I’m using the standard installation of ubuntu 20.4:

syncthing/focal,now 1.1.4~ds1-4ubuntu1 amd64 [installiert]

What’s should I do to get rid of the error message?


You need to know which user Syncthing is running as, and then make sure that that user have the permissions necessary to read and write the files and directories you expect it to read and write.

Since it is in the ignore list that should not matter IMHO.

See Ignore everything except /X pattern still scans everything

I don’t think there is a way around it.

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I don’t think that should apply when there are no negative patterns? We should avoid scanning an explicitly mentioned directory as far as I know…

So, I had to use: ~$ sudo chmod -R 744 .gvfs/

to avoid that error message.

Not exactly related related to the error in question, but if these are all the patterns actually used, then the first one already covers the other two, i.e. .* is enough.

@tomasz86: Thanks, I assumed that, but wanted to be sure not to forget something. I remove the last two lines.

Sorry, you are right.

I somehow interpreted the dots on the first two lines as !

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Now I updated to 1.18 via:

Then I reset the rights: sudo chmod -R 700 .gvfs/

and scanned again syncthing. So far the mentioned error doesn’t appear again.

Thanks to all.


Was necessary again: ~$ sudo chmod -R 744 .gvfs/

So for what it’s worth this doesn’t reproduce for me. I tried this in an existing folder:

mkdir foo
touch foo/bar
chmod 000 foo
echo foo > .stignore

and I’m not seeing any errors related to foo.

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