Ignore everything except /X pattern still scans everything

Hi. I know this question has already been asked here already, but the resulting thread and linked pull request suggests that everything should work already as is.

So here’s my .stignore file:


I want to ignore everything in my home folder and sync the folders from the top 3 lines. However, when file watchers are enabled, I get this warning: error while traversing /home/foo/bar/some_restricted_folder: permission denied

I was under the impression, that since my include patterns start with / it should not scan anything else, and yet it does. Is this a regression, or am I doing something wrong?


Your deep patterns mean it doesn’t qualify, unfortunately. That is, if you said


it would do what you expect (for those dirs), but as written above we need to scan .local and .local/share and .local/share/gnome-shell despite the rest of .local being ignored, and this exceeds the intelligence of the optimizer. (It’s not the smartest dude around.)

I would suggest not doing what you do, instead having a ~/.synced-files or something with the data you want to sync, and symlinking into that from ~/.themes etc.

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I don’t mind it scanning .local, but it starts scanning other folders in my home folder as well. The restricted folder is actually in ~/Documents/work/

Yeah, the following still applies:

Concretely: Any include pattern that has any special character, including a path separator, after !/ results in everything being scanned. That was changed after what you linked in lib/ignore: Only skip for toplevel includes (fixes #6487) by imsodin · Pull Request #6508 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub, due to Scan problem within single unignored subdirectory prevents bidirectional sync · Issue #6487 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub.

I see, thank you. I’ll go with symlinked folder approach then

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Dear Simon,

do you want to say that the hack with series of included/excluded subfolders is still relevant? I believe this bug was fixed around v1.5.0 and do not use this with the latest versions in my project.

That’s something entirely different and not relevant to the topic here.

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