Device out of sync but folders are not

Hello, I just migrated my syncing from Resilio Sync to Syncthing. Adding the device and folders again in Syncthing to sync was easy.I noticed however all folders are in sync and the device itself is still out of sync.

Here a screenshot.

I found in this post this is probably caused by differences in metadata. How can we sync this metadata?

To resolve I have to remove all files out of sync on the device and it will sync again from the second device. I don’t want to do this as my upload speed is not that high and will take some time. Following post mentioned the same problem. No solution proposed though.

Thx for any support

To know why it isn’t in sync you need to look at the web UI of the remote device (…-Laptop). The folders show that the local device has all the most recent data, and is thus up-to-date. The remote device being syncing means that we believe the remote does not yet have all that data. As there’s no transfer, there’s likely some problem on the other device. And to find out about that, you need to open the remotes web UI and look at the folders there.

Thx Simon for your advice. On the remote device the situation is exactly the same. All folders in sync but device still out of sync, although the files out of sync are different once. So this doesn’t tell much in my view.

Yep, then this is indeed an inconsistency and thus not helping you much. However it’s valuable info for me, to debug the problem and know what to suggests/ask next. In general please try to proactively include all the information you can think of, it speeds up the help you get :wink:

When you click on the out of sync items, you should get a list of affected folders and files. For the affected folders, can you please check whether local and global states match on both devices (or just expand affected folders and take screenshots). Does it affect only the receive-only folder?

All folders were in sync on both devices. All folders were send and recieve, no receive-only folder included. Local and global states showed the same number of folders, files and size. Devices showed however they are out of sync as in Following post.

I found the solution to resolve this issue.

  • Long way - As already mentioned, delete the sync folder on “Laptop” and let Syncthing sync them again. For large amount of data although this takes time.
  • Quick way - Deleting the database with -reset-database on “Laptop” and restarting caused the folder to sync correctly onto all devices.

Steps to do this in SyncTrayzor menu are:

  1. Syncthing → stop Syncthing service
  2. Files > Settings > Syncthing-tab > Advanced-options > Add the flag “-reset-database”
  3. Syncthing → start Syncthing service: the service will immediately shut down with the message “INFO: Successfully reset database - it will be rebuilt after next start”
  4. Files > Settings > Syncthing-tab > Advanced-options > remove the flag “-reset-database”
  5. Syncthing → start Syncthing service Synthing will now start to rescan the items. After rescan is done all folders and also devices should be in sync. The proof.

Happy Syncthing. :slight_smile:

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