what is the procedure of enabling sync of folders that are already "in sync" outside of syncthing

I have a hard disk with data. I made a clone of it and shipped to another location via FedEx.

What are the steps required for me to enable ongoing syncing, without copying existing pre-synchronized data over network?

Do I add it as a folder on one machine, wait for scan to complete, share with another machine and select the right disk on the other?


I would add the folder on each machine with the same folder id, let them both scan and then share the folder between the devices.

If the time stamp or other meta data differs, the files will be shown as out of sync, but there should be no data transferred, just meta data updates.


Thanks!!! Exactly what I wanted. I didn’t notice that I can put a specific folder-id when adding a folder. I’ve assumed they auto generated. Thanks for the tip!

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