Debian server package?

It would be nice, if someone skilled in debian, would create an installation package for server (no gui) version of debian, where syncthing would run as a service/daemon.

Something like BTSync has:

So far, I have found one tutorial for Ubuntu server: and init.d script for debian: Debian and ZFS init script.

Would be nice to put it all together, create package repository for automatic updates, configuration etc.

Any debian-ers here? (I am linux newbie, just hardly managing my home server)

Hi, I didnt follow the development for a while. Meantime my syncthing on debian stoped running…

I noticed there is now official debian/ubuntu package for syncthing Debian / Ubuntu packages available

So could someone please make a simple step by step tutorial how to

  1. install syncthing on debian stable
  2. make it run as daemon on background without any user logged in (automatically start itself after boot) ?

Thanks a lot. Your linux newbie :slight_smile:

What about