[WIP] Syncthing Ubuntu Installer


I created a .deb package for Syncthing. Please be aware that it is still in alpha stage.


  1. Download the following package: syncthing-startup_0.1.2_amd64.deb (64 bits) or syncthing-startup_0.1.2_i386.deb (32 bits)
  2. Install by double-clicking on the package or with the following commands: sudo apt-get install wget curl sudo dpkg -i syncthing-startup_0.1.2_*.deb
  3. Write your username when prompted.
  4. Access the Syncthing interface in your web browser at http://localhost:8080

What the package includes

Not much, actually. The package only includes an init.d script which will launch ST automatically at startup. However, the installation script determines itself the latest version of ST and your architecture, then will download the binary automatically.

Note that syncthing-startup will not alter or delete your curent configuration. Actually, it will reuse the existing configuration, as long as it is located in the standard Syncthing directory (~/.config/syncthing).

Successfully tested on the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bits)
  • Debian Jessie (32 & 64 bits)

Known issues

  • Only one user will work by default. This is due to the fact that ST uses the same default ports for every user, which leads to a conflict. I might consider, in the future, to first generate the configuration for a user, then randomize these ports. If you want to run Syncthing for multiple users, you will have to modify these ports yourself.

Any feedback welcome :smile:

Would be great if this could be in a public ppa. Not sure what the process is with Ubuntu, I am an Arch user and am very happy to find syncthing in the AUR (but everything is in the AUR as long as someone wants it enough)

Yeah, that could be a nice addition. However, since I will not have much time to maintain it, I would prefer to spend some time to create the most generic possible .deb, so it can be installed on any debian-like distribution.

FYI, I’ve tested the package successfully on the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 64bits
  • Debian Jessie 64bits