Debian / Ubuntu packages available

I’ve enabled building of Debian packages, for both release and dev builds:

Feel free to consider this slightly experimental for the moment, and report any issues. I expect the packages to work on any recent Debian or Ubuntu (same as the regular builds from Github). This should obsolete the various PPA:s floating around.

There are builds for amd64, i386 and arm.

This is a fairly spartan package at the moment - the main binary, and some README files and similar. If you have ideas about what should be included in terms of startup scripts etc, do chime in.

The current release build is a specially named v0.11.3-debian because I had to backport the Debian specific build stuff and retag; in the future these will be named as usual (without -debian suffix).


Should the user disable auto-updates in the GUI if you have apt repos instead? If yes should that be noted on the apt page?

No, automatic upgrades are disabled at compilation time for these packages, so the code is not even in there. I don’t think the checkbox shows up in the GUI.

Ok, I see. I guess I was thinking about someone currently using the raw binary from Github, if they want to make the transition. But in that case it would be a matter of removing the local binary and pointing any scripts to the apt-installed binary. So my question isn’t really a question :smiley:


Thanks for the PPA.

I would really like the possibility to specify different named configs which have daemon user and group and home dir specified.

BTSync had a community contributed PPA where one would place conf files in /etc/btsync and the startup script would start the different instances. One could also start/stop single instances with the init script. If you had e.g. main.conf and share.conf, you could stop the share instance with service btsync stop share.

Currently I have the syncthing command inside crontab (@reboot) for each user/instance, which works solid so far. As syncthing updates itself and has its own monitor I don’t really see the need (for me) for daemonizing it without additional functionality/centralizing “instance management”.

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I’m not a big linuxoid but syncthing+runit suit me more than fine so I don’t need no scripts and stuff so far. After I have configured everything and self-update feature the whole idea of repository seems a bit excessive to me but its just my humble opinion.

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Do you use something like ?

I just made a video about it:

I’m getting this error when running aptitude update:

W: Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/apt.syncthing.net_dists_syncthing_release_binary-amd64_Packages: Hash Sum mismatch

When I use apt-get update it works.

Looks like you have old or broken package lists laying around, and apt-get may already have solved the problem?

Would love to see init.d scripts included in the package. I have been using the script from the top of Keeping Syncthing Running: Systemd & regular /etc/init.d which seems to be working well, although I would probably move the line syncthing_USERS="<your name here>" to /etc/syncthing or /etc/default/syncthing

It’s working well regardless, thanks for your hard work!