Yet another Syncthing Tray

There are statically linked Windows binaries attached on the latest GitHub release:

If you looked at my website for dynamically linked binaries: Yes, those are outdated. Since the statically linked ones should be sufficient I currently don’t put any effort into it.

Ah, you want to build it yourself? Have a look at Those PKGBUILD files are for building the Windows version under Arch Linux, but they show required dependencies and commands to be executed quite clear. So you can use that information to build under other platforms as well. Of course there are also general build instructions.

New release 0.9.1 is available.

I don’t create a post for every release so the list of changes since the last post is quite long:

I mainly did some small adjustments since the tray basically covers my own use-cases. The most notable change is the use of font awesome in accordance with the official web UI.

I’ve also been able to build and test under s390x. I’ve created a SLES repo on OBS which covers also Syncthing itself.

The screenshots of the initial post are now pretty outdated. There’s no way to amend the initial post, right? It would be nice to add at least a link to the more frequently updated screenshot section on GitHub:

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The next release will feature customizable icons. This way the icon can be adjusted to integrate much better with the rest of the system tray. Here’s a screenshot how it might look like under Tumbleweed with Plasma 5:

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Since a Mac version was requested some time ago: A user could build is successfully and it seems to work basically. There are still some problems but the progress is tracked on GitHub. Of course this does not mean I will be able to provide binaries myself but it is already a step further.

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