Windows uninstall?

Hi! I have made errors in my setup for Windows 8.1. Though I’m still hoping to fix it, a complete reinstall may prove to be the best option. My setup included using NSSM to autostart as background service, and I appreciate the uninstall information for that tweak provided in this thread. However, I cannot find instructions for Windows-users’ uninstall of Syncthing itself. Searching for “Windows uninstall” and variants yields this advice for Linux but no Windows equivalent. I notice a lot of discussion of the need for a Windows installer for Syncthing, which would simplify both install and uninstall, and I second (or third or 325th) that thought, but while we’re waiting, some instructions would reassure Windows users like myself that we can perform a thorough uninstall. Thanks very much for Syncthing, which is a great tool!

To uninstall, you need to remove;

  • The syncthing.exe binary, wherever you put it
  • The syncthing config dir in %LocalAppData%/Syncthing or %AppData%/Syncthing (depending on Windows version)

That leaves an .stfolder marker (as well as a possible .stignores) in your actual older as well, which is hidden. It doesn’t do any harm, but removing it would be the final step.

All of this could/should be handled by an installer as you mentioned, or for that matter by a syncthing -uninstall option as syncthing itself knows about all this…

Thank you, calmh. This is very helpful. I am grateful to report that the help I received here seems to have put my installation back on track. But now I know what to do if I manage to mess it up irretrievably!

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