How to uninstall

Hi, I’m not sure what I did but I think I messed something up during configuration. Now when I go to the address to access it, I get a message saying that chrome can’t connect. To This is after a brief flash of the syncthing page.

Anyway, I like running a fairly clean machine so I was wondering how I can uninstall from ubuntu 14.04.


Remove the binary, wherever you installed it and rm -rf ~/.config/syncthing. You might also have the default sync directory ~/Sync that you can remove unless you put something interesting in it.

Thanks for your assistance. I think I have figured out what I did wrong, so once I get rid of it I might give it another go. Just a quick question, if I understand correctly, in order to sync, both nodes must be connected to the net at the same time, as syncthing bypasses the notion of the cloud, is that correct?


Yes, that’s correct!


first of all thank you so much for syncthing!

I installed OX 10.11 Beta on my old MacBook Pro and transferred all my development system data/setting from TimeMachine.

As I guess also my syncthing setting are on the MBP, before logging in, I feel its better to remove the setting to avoid confusing syncthing.

Unfortunately I cannot find the ~/.config/syncthing folder, most probably it was used in a previous version (I’m running 0.11.8).

However I found out the /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Syncthing folder that includes a series of certificates.

I guess it’s sage to remove this folder and then let syncthing to create a new foder and certificates on the new system.

Is this the right procedure to move syncthing to a new system?

Thanks again!

That’s the location on Mac, removing that plus the syncthing binary is the full uninstall.

(The location is printed after the option summary if you run syncthing -help.)

Hello boys and girls because I have a problem accessing initially configured with gui and I forgot the password, if I can not delete or change settings in the system is Debian hope your help thanks

If you cannot modify config.xml, you cannot remove the password.

thanks for your answer config.xml where I find - I’m new to linux thanks in advance

it’s in ~/.config/syncthing/config.xml, just remove the username and password entries. If you are using some sort of init scripts, it might be elsewhere, check the scripts.

Can not open root mode is refused connection thanks

thanks for your help was solved two hours after the restart and delete config.xml with $ rm …/config.xml

@Scoon next time, you could try port 8384

Hi, sorry for my stupid questions but I’m a newbie:

–> You are writing “…removing /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Syncthing plus the binary is the full install…” –> where do I find “the binary”? If i put “syncthing -help” in the console it says “command not found”

once again sorry for the stupid question and thanks in advance

Presumably at some point you downloaded Syncthing (or you wouldn’t be asking how to uninstall it). Where did you download it to?

So, the Syncthing binary is not in your $PATH and you have forgotten where you installed it.
Could look like you’re on OS X, and in case search and find it. :wink:

mdfind "kMDItemDisplayName == 'syncthing'"

Thanks for your answer! I think I was just a bit confused about the wording. If I got it right, “the binary” is this exec file and to uninstall syncthing it is sufficient to delete this file and the Syncthing folder in the path: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/!? No other hidden stuff?

No other hidden stuff.

Well, there’s the zero byte .stfolder in your folder, and .stversions if you configured versioning but those are your files so would not remove them anyway.

Thanks for your help earlier. To help others, the syncthing binary in my installation was in /Users/username/bin. In my case I removed it with this command, rm -rf /Users/wylie/bin/syncthing.

I don’t see why forgot password would require uninstall to recover. Just stop/kill st then edit config.xml as Audrius said. Restart st and enjoy back. BTW, browsers password cache are not designed for platypi :wink: I alway use different random 50+ passwords and help with FF sync I never worry with passwords. Although, I’d be concerned using IE or GC