What's keeping you from dropping Dropbox?

or BitTorrent Sync, or whatever. What are you still using those other products for?


Syncing with apps that support Dropbox specifically. For example, 1Password on the computer and phone sync with each other that way. That could probably be iCloud as well nowadays. I think that’s it for me…

Well, and periodic rsync of my laptop to a home server for backup. I’m not using Syncthing for that because … it’s not necessary and rsync is a bit more lightweight for doing just a unidirectional sync now and then.


Share by link. Dead easy to stick a file in dropbox then share a link to it.

(I know this isn’t in-scope for Syncthing, but it’s a valid answer to the question methinks)


Share by link is the killer missing feature for me too. Even if it worked with a special url and needed syncthing on the other side, this would get rid of half of need for Dropbox.

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Keepass works perfectly fine with Syncthing, and is open source :slight_smile:


…ish. It can’t do it’s proper “load and merge” approach to handling potential conflicts when using Syncthing, as it can with Dropbox.

Three things coming to my mind:

  • Easy to use file versioning
  • Easy folder/file exclusion
  • iOS-app

All available to some extend, but not quite where I need it to be to leave Dropbox completely behind.

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Is there anything special that Keepass does with Dropbox? I also just stored a file, and got conflicts with that combo.

Info on synchronization and multi-user use. Plugins which support Dropbox include KPDataSave and KeeCloud.

I personally use keepass in conjuction with syncthing for my passwords. On Android I have the app Keepass2Android and let it sync over ssh to my server running syncthing.

For my single-user setup it works like a charm

nothing - I never used dropbox. I’m using syncthing for syncing all my mp3s and some private stuff, on a desktop, laptop, v-server and a raspberry pi.

I’m also using mega.nz because syncthing doesn’t allow filedownload. :innocent: but honestly dropbox is crap.

That is an interesting question, which I like to answer:

  • Dropbox is easier to install and configure for regular users. (Some of my none-it-colleagues are not able to configure something like syncthing without help. So when I want to share some files with them, dropbox is easier to use.)

  • I have access to the files and folders stored in dropbox with an usual internet-browser. I can download, upload, delete them and so on with a simple web-interface.

  • I have also access through the webinterface to deleted files.

  • Dropbox has more experience, because it is longer on the market and has got much more feedback of their users.

  • There are tools outside that allow to install and sync dropbox on my mobil usb device (mobil hard disc).

  • I have a history of what happened with my files. (“Who did what with my files, and when.”)

  • I never lost any data in years of using. (I think/believe, the hardware they use is more reliable than mine.)

  • The app for android is more useful, because of the direct access to the files.

  • There is also a solution for Apple iPads.

Nonetheless, Syncting is the better solution, because

  • I’m the only owner of my data.
  • I’m independent of the software-provider.
  • I think, that the mentioned points will someday be part of syncthing :wink:

Greetings and thanks again for the great software.



I’m using keepass quite happily, with a “sync changes on change” trigger to avoid losing data on conflicts

I’m using syncthing for my personal files; still using dropbox for anything where anybody else might need them, since it is way better at sharing individual files (direct HTTP link), and way better at sharing with people (I just want to share with my friend, I don’t want to have to configure each of my friend’s 10 devices)

I use BTsync still for shares with junctions. it simple follow the junction point and create on other devices it as a folder. DropBox for share a files/folders with a simple link

BTSync: is syncing symlinks, which is what I need* for easy distributing my files. (but thats the one and only reason)

*need: its too complicated/userunfriendly/inconvenient with syncthing to configure so many ignore lists all the time. In BTSync, I just can create a link into a synced folder and have all the files synced immediately. Booom.

Dropbox: -because its easy to share files/folders via a link. -the version history saved my life two times! -There are apps for my favorite smartphone/computer, which give me the comfort of using data from the dropbox almost instantly. (iKeepass, for example)


BTSync/Dropbox: -Sync only individual files on android devices

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Many people are listing the public download link capability of Dropbox as their primary reason for using the service. I was personally able to drop Dropbox a few years ago when I began running my ownCloud server. The web interface is refined and the Android and iOS apps allow you to easily share files with a link and sync individual files. There are also desktop sync clients for Mac/Windows/Linux. Between ownCloud and Syncthing, I have not had need for proprietary file syncing software for well over a year (including Google services, for which I have not had an account for over a year).

Keep up the great work!

For me, I own a Synology Diskstation and be able to share “public”-links like in ownCloud or Dropbox, if needed. Its really simple and convenient, but I rarely use the feature, because I don’t have a lot of usecases. Their Smartphone-Apps can also offer a link on my Server at home to the public, if I like (dyndns preassumed), so u’re not stuck on dropbox only.

But what is most important to me today: userfriendlyness in working with software.

Before 15 years, I had time to go into things but -unfortunately- those days are over, to timeconsuming software cannot be used. (Thats just a scathing reference to my post above mentioning the complexity with the ignore patterns)

Still using BT Sync for two cases :

  • A multi terabytes share that need to sync as fast as possible over the available bandwith (last time I compared Syncthing was still way slower).

  • Another share with nested shared folders (some people get the “master” share while others only get a subfolder). I remember reading that it won’t work on the BTSync forums but I tested it anyway, it worked, and it’s been working without issue for about a year. I don’t think it is advisable or even possible with Syncthing.

  • BT Sync is still more user friendly than Syncthing for business use (installer, GUI out of the box -I mean not browser based GUI-, easier to setup, etc).

Take a look at SyncTrayzor: installer, more Windows-esque GUI, autostart, etc. Although ease of setup (i.e. adding folders to devices, etc) is still the same…