What's keeping you from dropping Dropbox?

(Dragons4life) #21

Honestly found dropbox to be a pain to use because it automatically updated all my folders making me download unnecessary stuff, also the fact that you have to obligatorily have a “dropbox” folder is annoying.

Only problem with Syncthing and what might make me switch is the fact that If i were to not have my Desktop and Laptop open at the same time, while I change files, the files will not sync/update, where areas with dropbox I assume it does, since dropbox uploads it to their servers.

Just wish there was a better alternative than dropbox, that allowed me to do the same as syncthing, without that drawback.

(Mike O) #22

syncthing does not work on Blackberry ;( So I occasionally still use dropbox and the german telekom mediencenter.

(Jpjp) #23

To sync two devices that are not online at the same time, you need something that is always online. You can run your own server on digital ocean or somewhere that can do this.

(Nicolas Duchon) #24

I’ve been aware of SyncTrayzor but it’s Windows only and none of the machines on which I use BTSync and / or Syncthing are running Windows :smile:

The browser based GUI is the least problematic point regarding user friendliness. Keep in mind I was speaking of business use with non tech inclined users, even with SyncTrayzor getting a basic sync up and running is still too complex for most of them.


The must important thing for me, syncthing is transparent!!I know what the code is doing with “MY” files… DropBox and Bittorrent are not transparent… i never know what happend really with my files…

(mc) #26

Let me add a new, recent reason to dump dropbox: it now forces me to update - if I don’t, it just exits and ceases to work. Previously it gave me a week to do the update, now it is immediate. A fatal annoyance.

(I had disabled its habit of automatically updating itself by moving it from /home to /opt and making it owned by root. That way I could update on my own schedule.)

(Stephen Paul Weber) #27

I use syncthing-gtk on machines where users want a GUI so far

(Kevin Brubeck Unhammer) #28

I wanted to use Owncloud for the share-by-link thing, but it was so slow and fiddly, I pretty much always ended up just dropping things into https://filebin.net/ instead. And that’s what I still use, so I don’t feel any need for Dropbox :slight_smile:

It also means I don’t have to first put a file into a synced dir, and then share the link to it, I can just drop it onto that page and share the link immediately …

(Fraz) #29

I’ve recently left Dropbox after they started crippling the linux version by limiting the filesystems they supported to ext4 (and encrypted like the default ubuntu install). Luckily my subcription ran out end of December anyway.

I’m using pCloud for cloud hosting photos etc for family. And just found syncthing which so far looks ideal for local laptop/desktop synchronisation, and pulling the odd file down on the app. Nice work guys.