What should be done to copy these files as well?

I asked the same question a year ago. Link to last year’s question.

Unable to sync documents or files ending with period(.) symbol.

From Android to Windows.

Sorry! Asking again.

Is there any step to mitigate this issue now? What should be done to copy these files as well?

Android 12. Windows 10 now 11.

FYI, I’m able to open the same files in Windows (any pdf reader), it works fine. Only the file names are same with period(.) or none at the end. These files are mainly pdf files or images sometimes.

Nothing has changed since then. These types of filenames are not supported by Windows Explorer, so Syncthing blocks their synchronisation.

Probably not very helpful, but if you wanted to actually force Syncthing to copy them as such, you’d have to edit the source code, remove the code that blocks the operation, and then compile your own version of Syncthing with the changes.

Or you know, just rename the files?

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