Versioning and recovery from encrypted nodes?

The new encrypted device feature is very interesting. I am attempted to switch to Syncthing, but I have a few questions.

  1. Does versioning work on encrypted nodes? For example, I updated a file and it gets synced to an encrypted node, can I still get the older version?

  2. Can I recover data from the encrypted node, in case of a catastrophic failure? For example, both clients and the encrypted node stopped working, but I still have the backup of encrypted content. Can I recover data from it?


On question two, you can decrypt an encrypted folder using syncthing decrypt, assuming of course that you know the password. In that way you can also decrypt files in a versioning directory on the encrypted side, but there is no way beforehand to know which file is the one you’re looking for since the names are encrypted.

So, we haven’t disabled versioning on the encrypted side as it does little harm and could be useful, but it’s not easy to just grab an old version of a file from there.

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