Decrypting .stversions

Hi, I followed instructions from the Docs Untrusted (Encrypted) Devices — Syncthing v1 documentation and this post Versioning and recovery from encrypted nodes?.

I can decrypt regular folder/files but I cannot get the folder .stversions to decrypt.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


You can point the decryptor directly at the versions dir, while telling it what the folder ID is. The files are however decrypted to their original name, discarding the versioning, so you’ll probably end up with only the latest. You can inspect the verbose output to figure out which encrypted file corresponds to which plaintext file and point the decryptor at a specific directory or specific file only, if that’s what you need.

syncthing decrypt --verbose --to ~/tmp/decrypted --password=p4ssw0rd --folder-id=abcd-1234 ~/some/folder/.stversions

or even

syncthing decrypt ... ~/some/folder/.stversions/6.syncthing-enc/CA/FVS2TU26TV5V82R3OSBKT0JFT0OFKPNBM9406OS\~20210914-132535

to target a specific file. (You’ll get an error as well in the last case because it really expects the argument to be a directory, but it’ll decrypt the file first.)

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Ah, this is almost good. So there’s no way to simply decrypt the entire .stversions folder of a specific folder, just like an unencrypted .stversions would look like? For example:

FolderA has 3 versions of 1 file, I want to restore all 3 with their respective timestamp name. Based on the image, it would be “text1 20210914-105257.txt” text1 20210914-141304.txt", “text3 20210914-141401.txt”


Is this possible? Thanks!

It isn’t, currently.

ok, thanks a lot!

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