Unable to set Folder ID

Howdy. Just updated to v1.19.0, Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD). Issue: Since updating I’m unable to set folder ID. Syncthing forces system supplied folder ID when adding a new folder. The folder ID is greyed out and can’t be changed. Anyone else? What am I missing? -mgw


Sorry, this issue is known and there will be a fix soon.

See ongoing discussion in Release process, redux

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There is no immediate fix planned as of now. But seeing this complaint here could accelerate the matter I suppose. I for one would be in favor of pushing that fix out earlier than the next scheduled release.

I think that’s an uncharitable way to express it. The issue is fixed, it’s just not released. You can get a version with the fix in it from the nightly builds right now, from a candidate release in slightly less than a week, or the next stable release when that is released.

As a workaround in the meantime, you can add the folder with the “wrong” ID and then change the ID in the advanced settings. Sorry about that.

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Yeah, sorry I meant no immediate hotfix release planned.

Understood & no problem whatsoever!

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