un-ignore a folder

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how can you un-ignore a folder?

I’ve tried everything on both the local and the remote PC, especially un-checking and re-checking the respective “Folders to share with” options.

But the local machine still tells me, in the Syncting Console window:

“Ignoring folder [XYZ] from device [remote PC] since we are configured to”

There is a similar old thread over here:

…but I’m not sure whether or how this is solved?

Actions > Settings > Ignored Folders

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On a related note, although that to-be-shared folder is not even accepted, let alone has started to sync on the local PC named “HAF…”, it shows up as “Syncing” with HAF on the remote PC:


This confuses me. Is that how it is supposed to look like?

The screenshot hides the important parts: Is the ignored, unshared folder listed in the “Folders” row? If yes then it can’t in fact be ignored and unshared. If it really is, please provide a screenshot also showing the folders to confirm and get context.

Yes, the ignored, unshared folder “…ordner von PC…” is listed in the “Folders” row, and shows up as “scanning” there, and as “shared with HAF” :o

Is there something wrong?

It’s not unshared (anymore?). There might be something wrong for you with that, in which case you should unshare, but the info displayed is consistent so I don’t see a problem from Syncthing’s side.

But it is unshared, see screenshot from local PC “HAF”:

And Syncthing Console tells me:

Unexpected folder “…ordner von PC…” [Folder ID] sent from device [PC… Device ID]; ensure that the folder exists and that this device is selected under “Share With” in the folder configuration.

Yes, this is expected. You’ve shared a folder with someone, and they haven’t synced it yet so we consider them less than 100% in sync and offer the optimistic assumption that they are probably working on it (“syncing”).

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On a general note: I might have been a bit slow here to grasp what was going on, however it would have helped a lot if you didn’t release the information by pieces: Post full screenshots (like you did in your last screenshot) and describe everything that you hide and might be relevant.

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Thanks @calmh and sorry @imsodin.

I shall try and post better information next time.

For the present issue, I’m relieved that the behavior is as expected.

Generally, sorry for any paranoia.

I just have to somehow make sure that I don’t get any more massive file deletions on the source PC.

Don’t know exactly how to do that yet though. Syncing must be both ways…

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