transfer installation

Hi. I came across instructions to transfer a syncthing installation to a new pc, but now can’t find it. Can someone please point me in the right direction. searching for “transfer installation” gets no results here, and nothing useful on duckduckgo. Google found this page:

But I remember having to modify a file to make use of the new name for the pc.

You should explain what you are trying to do. If its a new computer with an empty drive, it’s probably best to set it up as a new device and just let it sync naturally.

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Sorry. Of course. I want to keep all the setup details of a current installation but copy them over to a new pc that will be on the same network. Obviously this will have to have a different name for the pc. My recollection is that I had to edit a file, or make some alteration so that there would not be a name crash.

You can copy over just the config.xml and not the other files. You’ll get a new device ID on first start. Might need to adjust the paths to folders.

Many thanks.

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