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I have (clean) installed a “new” (new hard SSD) win 10 computer I still have the old hard drive with the Win 8.1 files including the Syncthing folder I have used Syncthing to sync several folders on the old win 8.1 computer. Is there a way to easy reuse the old Syncthing setting and configuration on my new Win 10 computer (who have the same folder names and folder structure)?

Just copy syncthings home directory listed in -help.

Yes, juste copy to the new drive the directory setings of syncthing, on windows it is : %AppData%/Syncthing and / or %localappdata%/Syncthing

Just %LOCALAPPDATA%\Syncthing

And displayed in clear text by running syncthing -paths in v0.12.18+.

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I think it works - except that the second connected computer (PC-1) tells that the syncing status for the new win 10 PC (PC-2) is 0% and there is no observable progress

I have copied the old folder “C:\Users"USER”\AppData\Local\Syncthing" to the new win 10 installation

SORRY I just have to be patience - Syncing is now 56% :wink: - Thanks a lot for the help

Dont understand this - but thanks for reply

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