Top Voted on Feature Request is OBE (Overcome By Events) ?

“Support for file encryption (e.g. non-trusted servers)” is the top voted requested future.

However, the justification is out of date. encfs is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows even my Raspberry Pi. It works fine with Syncthing, BTSync, GoogleDrive, etc. I think adding this feature would be duplicating an existing tool chain.

The only problem I’ve found is how Syncthing handles fuse mounts. To do “–reverse” encfs, Syncthing needs a command line option like Unison to declare a directory as a mount directory and then ~not~ propagate absence of files when the mount is not in the mount table. Easy fix/add maybe?!

I am accumulating documentation of doing this on a web page. It is DRAFT as of mid-February 2017, so please don’t axe me yet, however feedback appreciated.

It might get the job done and that’s good, but it’s certainly seems cumbersome and user-unfriendly to get running. I think it’s an entirely reasonable thing to expect Syncthing to handle well by itself. It’s just not trivial to implement.


I don’t think that you can use the reverse encryption on windows properly. Please check this thread for more info.

Also, I don’t think that you can do this on an Android device (without root).

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Luke, The OP you reference was using encfs4win. I’ve been using encfsMP, which doesn’t allow a reverse option (resident clear text data with virtual mounted encrypted data).