Sync read-only folder without folder marker

Hey, i want to sync files which are unencrypted on my pc. Using the reverse encryption function of encfs (4win) i want to encrypt them on-the-fly and sync them using Syncthing.

Unfortunately the mounted reverse encrypted drive seems to be read-only, so Syncthing isn’t able to create a folder marker file.

Do you have any ideas to sync the files without folder marker?

Best Luke

Create one yourself in the unencrypted read-write container. It’s just an empty file.

Due to encfs’s function this file would be encrypted, too.

There is already a ticket for what you want/need, but no one has resolved it yet.

Yeah, reading back it still seems to me like my last suggestion could work. With the name being configurable, you could even create an .stfolder file on the non-encrypted side, and have syncthing look for the encrypted version of it.

So is the name already configurable? If yes, how do I configure it for a specific folder?

It is not. But that would be a valid way to resolve the issue.

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Too bad, thanks anyway!

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