The old Transifex thread (was: Translating Syncthing)

I finished the translation in Greek. I did my best but… it surely it needs a review!! :smile:


Just went through and did some corrections to the swedish translation.


requested Simplified Chinese translation(zh_CN)

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We know have these Chinese variants:

Is there a relevant difference between the two Taiwanese variants?

The characters are different between simplified and traditional Chinese.

Meanwhile, many technical words in computer science are different between mainland China(which mainly use simplified Chinese) and Taiwan(use traditional Chinese)

Big5 is a traditional Chinese characters encode method which compatible with ansi, so it’s useless in go. We just need the unicode version.

Right, so I’ll reject the Big5 version.

zh-TW and zh-CN is included in the latest dev build

just finished zh-CN translation :smile:


Have put in a request for Japanese.


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Accepted now; thanks!

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Hi translators! Please not that a lot of strings were changed for the upcoming 0.10 release, unfortunately. Most of them are due to the change of “repository” to “folder” and “node” to “device” to better keep with existing, “natural” terminology. You should see the old string under “Suggestions” to the right, which should be close enough except for these substitutions.

There are also a few new strings related to the “introducer” functionality (that one is tricky to translate…) and editing ignore patterns.

I’ve done a quick Norwegian translation (both Nynorsk and Bokmål). Review and comments are highly appreciated!


Are there any changes in Transifex because of the transition from Syncthing to Pulse? I’ve noticed that there is still one string that isn’t available, namely “Automatic upgrades”, so I thought that perhaps the name of the project in Transifex had changed. I’ve searched for projects with “Pulse”, “” and “indie” in the name but nothing came up.

There are no changes due to that. A missing string is possible due to an oversight (ie a bug). I’m without real computer right now, but I’ll look into it, thanks!

Added missing strings, should auto-update on Transifex shortly - thanks for noticing and bringing it up!

Did Catalan today :slight_smile:


Hey there, I would like to become a reviewer of the Czech translation. How do I do that? :sunny: I am a native Czech speaker.

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You can check the Syncthing project on transifex - after registration you can take a look at the Czech translation. It’s currently at 100%, but if you find a bug, please help out. Thanks!

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Happy to say that Greek (el) translation is completed !

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