The old Transifex thread (was: Translating Syncthing)

2023 edit: Please see Translating Syncthing (on Weblate)

2014-2023 content:

To contribute translations, sign up at Transifex. Joining a team for an existing language is automatic. New languages unfortunately need to be approved; I try to get these done within 24 hours. When picking a new language, I recommend going for the more general dialect unless the difference is essential; i.e. chose Danish over Danish (Denmark) and similar.


A while ago someone proposed that the Syncthing UI should be translated to other languages. I kind of shot it down because I thought things were changing too fast for it to be practical. I’m reconsidering that. If I were to set up a project on Transifex, are there people interested in helping out translating the GUI to their native language? The base language would be English, I myself can contribute Swedish.

(There’s some scaffolding required to accomplish this, apart from the whole transifex thing; basically extracting all language strings and rebuilding the UI to be language aware.)


Given the success Syncthing has already, I doubt you will have problems finding translators. Is syncthing using utf8 by default?

I could help with french, dutch and spanish.

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Cool. I’ll do the relevant groundwork, add the possibility for localization in v0.9.

I could help you with spanish

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I can work on german translations.

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+1 Simplified Chinese

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I can help with Greek

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For interested parties, here’s the project on Transifex:

I’ll get back with instructions within a few days for how to test out the translation on your local copy of syncthing (so you don’t have to wait for me to build it).

I started working on the swedish translation and quickly noted that translation is both tricky and boring. Please post any clarification requests here and I’ll add notes to transifex for the future.

Here’s a guide to using the translation files locally:

Thx. I did the french translation. It might not be perfect but I tested it (on 0.9beta3 and with #?lang=fr) and it pleases me.


I did the Spanish translation. I’ll be reviewing it carefully this weekend.


Just did the Portuguese translation. While it is not really perfect I think it works as a first version. I will update parts when I get more inspiration on some of them.


I can help with Russian.

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Just added Pull request with Russian translations

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Thanks a lot everyone for your efforts!

I update all translations from Transifex before each release (although there haven’t been many translation capable-releases yet) so there’s no need to file requests on updated translations.

Russian looks to be 69% complete as of now; did you forget to hit “save” in transifex? :wink:

Yeap, my fault. I’ve just fixed that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I want to help translate to “Turkish” language and I already did request for it.

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Requested Danish translation :slight_smile:

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