SyncTrayzor: Windows host for Syncthing. Installer, auto-start, built-in browser, tray icon, folder watcher, and more


I’m glad that I could help at least a little bit :smile:.

BTW: If you set the DPI setting to 200 %, the icon has to be 32 x 32. I downloaded your new tray icon and it doesn’t contain this size yet - so maybe it would be better to also add it or otherwise someone will probably complain about it in the future :smiley:.

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Yep you’re right - I’m being lazy. Fixed now!

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Today I noticed that despite what I have believed setting SyncTrayzor to watch folders doesn’t stop Syncthing from polling them. Previously I though that when I set this, SyncTrayzor will ignore polling intervals set in config.xml of Syncthing and use its own (something big or 0) just like it’s using its own API key and GUI listen port. Reason for this to happen for me (apart from being lazy to think about it too much) is line in config saying:

“The following folders will be watched for changes, which avoids polling.”

I now that in Introduction of SyncTrayzor is:

… Can watch your folders for changes, so you don’t have to poll them frequently: …

  • This means you can increase the polling interval in Syncthing, avoiding the resource usage of high-frequency polling, but still have any changes propagated straight away. …

But if I understand meaning of the word “avoid” correctly, line says that setting folders to be watch by SyncTrayzor will itself remove frequent polling (And in that way I also translated it to czech.).

Setting it to something by SyncTrayzor is bad idea (I know, what was I thinking), so can the line be changed to include information that user himself has to change polling intervals in Syncthing?

P.S.: Posting here (instead of creating an issue) because I’m not that confident I understand line correctly.

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Yeah, I was struggling to find some good wording for that (without being overly verbose) - I’ll try again to improve what’s there.

SyncTrayzor will not modify the folder polling intervals which are set in the GUI. To do so would be a) unintuitive and potentially confusing, and b) require us to restart Syncthing without the user’s consent.


Hi, I was wondering how does SyncTrayzor handle the update from Syncthing 0.10 to 0.11? I’m running SyncTrayzor 1.0.16 and Syncthing v0.10.30 on Windows 7. I didn’t get any prompt to update Syncthing.

PS - thanks for making this great “wrapper” for us less tech savvy users! :smile:

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Re-run the (latest) installer: there’s an option to use Syncthing 0.11 or 0.10


Hi, I did that and it worked, thanks. But please note that neither of the two windows machines that were prompted to install SyncTrayzor 1.0.16 this morning received an option to update Syncthing to 0.11. Also, after reinstalling SyncTrayzor the two devices didn’t detect each other, so I had to exit and restart SyncTrayzor. Just minor annoyances, but I thought I’d report them. Thanks again for your efforts.

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I think this is

(Antony Male) #129

Yeah, the installer (when run automatically) won’t stop to prompt you. Maybe it should: I don’t know. Most people are going to upgrade Syncthing exactly once, and the issue linked to by @chucic above will let Syncthing handle this upgrade itself without any input from SyncTrayzor… Although, an upgrade will revert Syncthing to the version selected in the installer. I’ll open an issue to think about the best way to solve that.

This sounds like a Syncthing issue - SyncTrayzor just hosts Syncthing: all of the connectivity is handled by Syncthing without any interference.


I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but after updating to 1.0.16, the “Open Folder” button isn’t working anymore, it simply does nothing.

My setup: SyncTrayzor 1.0.16 Syncthing v0.11 Windows 8.1

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Someone beat you to it:

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EDIT: And @canton7 beat me in answering :smiley:

Did you also updated to Syncthing v0.11 today? Or were you using v0.11 beta or rc versions?


Oops, forgot to search on github.

But yeah, just upgraded today from SyncTrayzor 1.0.14 to 1.0.16 (forgot to say I use the portable package), and syncthing from 0.10.XX to 0.11.0-final (manually replacing the syncthing.exe file).

Btw, just to ask two more things. I noticed that on SyncTrayzor, the right click doesn’t show up and the path field when adding a folder don’t show the auto-complete dropdown list, is those intentional?

Thanks once again. :smile:

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That’s a good point: I should set up the portable package to use Syncthing 0.11 now…

Which right-click, exactly?

There’s not a lot I can do about this - I’m hosting Syncthing’s Web GUI inside an embedded browser.


In the normal browser, the auto-complete dropdown list is shown, so it’s a limitation on the embedded framework?

Forgot to specify, it should be “right click context menu”. Probably it’s due to the embedded browser also, on a field when adding a new folder, if I want to paste something (like folder ID or the path), the only option is to use ctrl+v, because there’s no right click context menu with the copy/paste/etc options.

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Most likely - I haven’t dug into it, but it’s Syncthing vs Cef at that point :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Aah I see. There’s nothing by default, although I might be able to get something in - will do some research…

(Urza) #137

Hi, please, how can I upgrade to syncthing 0.11? I just upgraded synctrayzor from some very old version to latest 1.0.18 (running installer from github) but there was no option to select 0.11 and in GUI doesnt seem to be either… or did I missed it?

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There should be a button in Syncthing’s GUI to upgrade (up in the top right?)

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Ah, I think you’ve fallen foul of a slight mess-up on Syncthing’s side, to do with upgrading users from 0.10.x to 0.11.x.

Copy C:\Program Files\SyncTrayzor\syncthing.exe to C:\Users\<You>\AppData\SyncTrayzor\syncthing.exe (replacing the file that’s already there).

Edit: Actually, you can just delete C:\Users\<You>\AppData\SyncTrayzor\syncthing.exe and restart SyncTrayzor.

(Urza) #141

Thanks. Deleteting syncthing.exe worked.