SyncTrayzor: Windows host for Syncthing. Installer, auto-start, built-in browser, tray icon, folder watcher, and more

(Antony Male) #101

Sure. I was planning on doing that at some point, but I’d be happy to push the priority up. Open an issue or github, or I can do it tomorrow :smile:

EDIT: Scheduled for the next release

(Steve Major) #102

You don’t happen to have something we can try with 0.11beta, do you? There’s no substitute for the couple of Windows boxes I use this with. It’s outstanding, thank you.

(Antony Male) #103

Support’s been done, and will be in the next release. I’m hoping to get that out this weekend (I want to get better auto-upgrades in, and I’ll be spending today and tomorrow on that).

(Antony Male) #104

Righty, v1.0.12 is up, with support for 0.11beta.


Great!!! Thank you for such an awsome work… Just a question: Right now I’m stuck with 0.10 because of my (QNAP) NAS. SyncTrayzor won’t install the 0.11 beta without asking, right? Thanks…

(Antony Male) #106

Correct. The new installers give you the option of using 0.10 or 0.11 (with 0.10 being the recommended default). The portable versions use 0.10 (and you can replace syncthing.exe if you want).


First of all, thanks for this app! :smile:

Second, just a heads up that at least in the file “” you forgot to remove your data folder from the archive, so if someone try to update an older version replacing all the files, bad things will happens… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Antony Male) #108

Oops, thanks! I’ve updated my build scripts, and replaced the installers/portable ZIPs on the release page.



I used the new update button from 1.0.12 to 1.0.13 and it emptied my two browser windows. I finally got all my tabs back and maybe the problem is on my side. But if this is what normally happens and since this more-than-a-wrapper opens the access to Sincthing for the general public it might be an issue…

… And I take this opportunity to say that on my notebook with FHD screen the tray Icon is still ugly compared to what we get on other computers with other screen resolutions. Nothing serious, anyway. :blush:

(Antony Male) #110

Would you mind opening an issue on github (at, and describing your issue in detail (e.g. what exactly “emptied my two browser windows” means: were the windows closed? All tabs inside the windows closed? etc). Thanks!

Mind posting a screenshot of it?


Here is the tray icon (screen print + paint + bmp): I haven’t seen any change from the begining (for me 1.0.9). …And the nice one from a computer with a lower dpi screen (so i’m surprised how small it is here): and trying to put it at the same size than the other (that’s probably cheating): It doesn’t feel the same but after all maybe it’s just a dpi thing?

Edit: Link to the issue: and an answer that makes a lot of sense…

(Antony Male) #112

It looks to my untrained eye as if Windows has decided to down-sample the icon in that first screenshot. The icon I’m using there only has a 16x16 image inside it, but it’s definitely been rendered as much more blocky than that.

@d4k0: could I ask you to let me know what you think is going on here? I notice the notifications icon next to it is also rendered differently across the screenshots…


I should have menstionned: the nice ones are on windows 7, the not so nice is on windows 8.1.

(Antony Male) #114

Hmm maybe it’s 8.1 doing something strange, then. I’m afraid I’ve only got windows 7 machines so I can’t test that directly…


Well, I already thought that at one time or another someone with this kind of problem will appear … To make it short: I think the DPI setting is the “culprit”. As far as I know higher DPI settings also require tray icons with a higher resolution (at least if you want to have a sharp icon). If you for example set the DPI setting to 150 %, the tray icon has to be 24 x 24 (16 * 1.5). Otherwise one of the available icons will be upscaled or downscaled (downscaling is preferred as far as I know).

This wouldn’t be much of a problem if the .NET framework was using a resizing algorithm with a higher quality. But since .NET 4.0 Microsoft set the default algorithm to a fast one with bad quality (at least this is used for images that you are resizing inside a program; I’m not 100 percent sure if this also affects tray icons) which results in blurry images.

So far I haven’t found a “real” solution (I’ve already read several discussions about this problem, so you are not the only one with this issue). I think if one would also provide a higher resolution icon, then Windows/the .NET framework will always use this icon and downscale/upscale it instead of using the proper one for your DPI setting.

Maybe this is helpful (especially the last post): However, I’m not sure if this is usable as (if I remember correctly) you are using a library (WPF NotifyIcon?) for the tray icon, aren’t you?

BTW: I’m using Windows 8.1 with default DPI settings and the icon looks fine (a hand-optimized one would look better, though), so this shoudn’t be an OS specific issue.

(Antony Male) #116

Aha, thanks for that information. After a bit more digging, it turns out that the problem here is that .NET is calling GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXICON) and retrieving the icon resolution with that size. This is correct for normal icons, but not for tray icons, whose size is given by GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSMICON). This is the icon that’s then passed down to Shell_NotifyIcon, which does a bad job at scaling it.

Making sure that I call GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSMICON) myself, and using that value to extract the icon with the correct resolution, seems to have done the trick!


And where Icon chooses the wrong resolution:,609

(It also turns out that Windows changes all of your font size settings if you change the DPI settings, then change them back…)


(James Tuttle) #117

Hi Canton! First off, THANK YOU for all the time you’re putting into SyncTrayzor!! It’s looking like a really great product.

I’m part owner of a small data center in Minneapolis, and I would like to talk with you a bit about contributing some VPS or server resources to help with your development. We are looking for a good Sync product to offer to our client base. Up until last month we were testing with BitSync, but their 10-folder limit for open source users unfortunately removed that products viability. After a lot of research and testing, we decided on SyncThing. One of our server techs came across your release by accident. It seems a lot more user friendly and lower maintenance then the standard SyncThing software.

Just to clarify, we would like to partner with you in some manner or help with testing- and offer you server resources at no cost. We’re not looking to make you a paying customer. I think there might be a way for us to partner together and benefit each other in a win-win.

If you’re interested, please contact me anytime at, or by phone at 612-564-2545, or on skype handle JamesTuttle . If you’re not interested that’s cool too- either way, keep up the great work!

Thanks again Canton!! SyncTrayzor is AWESOME.


(Antony Male) #118

Thanks for the offer! I’m quite franky flattered :blush:

In all honesty, SyncTrayzor is my hobby project, and doesn’t require any resources other than my dev machine and Github. Automated builds are a mid-term goal, but that will only add value once I’ve got a decent integration test suite in place. That will require a Windows build agent, so there might be scope to sort out something there (although I’m well aware that Windows + VPSs don’t tend to go well together, and I don’t want to ask too much!)

I do want to make it clear that SyncTrayzor doesn’t actually add much on top of native Syncthing - there’s a lot of code, but the net functionality is fairly small: Syncthing’s still the tool that does all the clever stuff to do with moving your files around, which SyncTrayzor just puts it in a pretty window. If you find Syncthing adds value to your business, I’d encourage you to transfer your kind offer from me to them :smile:

Once again, thank you for your vote of confidence and kind offer! Feedback like this is what keeps open-source free-time developers motivated and productive. I’ll definitely be in touch if I get to a point where your services would be helpful to the project!

(James Tuttle) #119

Thanks Antony! Would love to chat with you a bit more regarding that Windows build agent. What’s a good email address or phone number for you?

If you prefer you can just shoot me an email to when you have a minute regarding the ideal specs of that Windows VPS. :smile:

(Antony Male) #120

To be honest, I think we’re talking about 6 months+ before I get to that point - I don’t want you to go to a load of effort only for me to have a change of plan a couple of months down the line! I’ll drop you an email tomorrow anyway, just to exchange details.