Syncthing v1.0.0



  • #5324: Incorrect warning when --home and path on same directory level
  • #5369: Empty file field in log when normalizePath failed
  • #5372: Event system can cause deadlock


  • #2760: Option to limit max simultaneous scans
  • #5286: Add hardening options to systemd units
  • #5320: Show configured rate limit in the GUI
  • #5336: Show list of locally changed files for receive only folders

Other issues

  • #5334: New chmduquesne/rollinghash breaks tests
  • #5362: lib/model: TestDeregister* tests are bad

Hey, I’ve just seen the “Upgrade to 1.0.0” Button and was wondering, why there is a major jump from 0.14.xx to 1.x.

Because I’m a little bit paranoid, I’ve searched here for an official post and found it. Safe :slight_smile:

But please can anyone point me to a reason, why the jump?

New year, new luck?


Thanks to all contributors!
Special thanks to :santa: for #2760, a very helpful addition :slight_smile:

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