Rename release checksum files

I would like to suggest, on GitHub, to rename the release file sha1sum.txt.asc to syncthing-sha1sum-v1.0.0.txt.asc, and sha256sum.txt.asc to syncthing-sha256sum-v1.0.0.txt.asc. As to the other files of program and source code. This to have the version number in file name.

Please don’t do this! I have scripts which rely on those file names!

Also, the names of those checksum files are very standard: you will see “md5sum.txt”, “sha256sum.txt”, etc, in a lot of places. There’s absolutely no reason for Syncthing to buck the trend here.

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Yeah, I think these are fairly established by now and we wouldn’t do a rename absent very good reason. We’d have distribution packagers and others with pitchforks outside in no time.

What is just release, can not be modified. But maybe for the new release, can be do? That can help to associate hash file to release file.

The answer was no, this will not be done for old or new releases, and the reason why was explained above.