Syncthing v0.14.0

Syncthing v0.14.0 is out!

This is a new major release, incompatible with Syncthing v0.13 and earlier. This release introduces a new, extensible sync protocol and corresponding changes to local discovery and the database.

A full rehashing of folder contents will happen on first restart. To roll back to a v0.13 release, simply download and run a v0.13 Syncthing.

Resolved issues since v0.13.10:

  • #3397: The Anonymous Usage Reporting Preview is now correctly formatted
  • #3346: Discovery results now respects address family for listen addresses.
  • #3080: The sync protocol, local discovery protocol and database format is now based on protocol buffers.
  • #3227: File names ending in space are now correctly marked as invalid on Windows.
  • #3278: Local discovery now quickly detects other local devices on restart.
  • #3077: A race condition causing a deadlock on folder addition is fixed.

I have just updated Syncthing-Android to version 0.8.0, which includes Syncthing v0.14.0, along with various bug fixes.

It should be available tomorrow on Google Play and F-Droid.